Remuneration and benefits will balance accompanying the preference of the act and stubbornness accompanying party payment procedure and practice.


TSO (Tactical Support Officer)G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a chief householder of joined cash administration resolutions, has a opening for a Tactical Support Officer located at our movements in Polokwane.

Reporting to the Branch Security Officer, this act is accountable to secure the association homes and property and to guarantee that processes are hewed to in accordance with the party procedure.

The profitable incumbent is a industrious person accompanying a resulted record of performance in upholding association tactics, adopting best practices, and is capable to exercise sound judgement in the occupation of the realization of the aims of the organisation, and understanding the part that conveniences movements plays inside a profitable trade whole. The incumbent will probable expected results compelled and to live the principles of the organisation.


  • Maintain Security at the PremisesEnsure that existent safety processes are asserted continual
  • Ensure best possible of approach control at characteristic and construction perimeters and within protection fields Read More
  • Ensure that stowing processes are rigidly held to at any time
  • Test panic buttons, alarms and fence border to guarantee that they are exhausted good order
  • Conduct formal later stage safety checks of the digs and fence guards and create an OB record
  • Assume key keeper accountabilities on a turning footing a supervised apiece Branch Security Officer
  • TSO must re-seal all faithed/broken consignments in CMC accompanying appropriate body under camcorder, person engaged in private ownership of business must be count and the amount must be written.

Manage Vehicles ,Equipment and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Ensure that supplies secondhand by functional stick is right appropriated and in sound occupied condition
  • Issue and control of firearms, materiel and seals to Crew
  • Maintain an correct Firearms and Ammunition and Kit register
  • Ensure that all firearms have current licenses and gun permits through restraining ability of the company and the sequential numbers of the firearms needs to pertain the firearms register
  • Control the issue of similarity documents, gun permits and scanners and uphold a register thereof
  • Monitor that all stick appendages obey processes having connection with SOP’s for investment halls, give aids and substitute guard aids
  • Check bulletproof jeeps are inspected before leaving the Base and aforementioned checks are written on the check page
  • Provide loaded escort aids to bulletproof cars as driven now and then apiece BSO
  • Conduct administrative or criminal studies as supervised now and then apiece BSO.

Management of Staff

Ensure that perfect likeness the Branch and Company is claimed at the best possible attainable what the moral and protection knowledge of stick is uphold

Ensure that automobile team obey rigidly to all protection measures and claim a extreme level of schemes and processes while operating inside a Mobile movement, Walking movements and bank and customer contact.

Ensure that crowd and jockey is completely uniform what they are fit to act assignments

Health and Safety

  • Participate in the design/ incident/ review/ exercise and listening of the administrative security plans each old age.
  • Participate in security forums devised by association e.g. security conferences and security talks
  • Report all security occurrence to the appropriate nation
  • Discuss all security occurrence
  • Follow-up on some exercises designated through security convergence/commission/representative/administration
  • Attend security instruction and tonic program
  • Comply with security tactics and processes at business
  • Distribute security news as and when necessary
  • Wear guarding attire continually


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Grade 12
  • Grade C PSIRA & CIT
  • Firearm ability
  • Valid Drivers License and PDP
  • Knowledge
  • Knowledge of G4S standard operating processes
  • South African safety statute
  • G4S Operational Policy and processes
  • G4S HR Policy and processes
  • Health and Safety act


  • Computer cultured – skill to bother Excel, MS Outlook, Word
  • Communication (composed and spoken)
  • Sharing and assisting
  • Customer Thinking
  • Leading nation
  • Customer Service and intermediary
  • Strong risk administration and studies
  • Attributes
  • Work under time pressure
  • Dealing with changeful means
  • Attention to detail
  • Delivering excellent department dealing with customers

Closes: 14 May 2023


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