PEP Part-Time Sales Assistant | Tshilamba

PEP South Africa

Location: Tshilamba, Limpopo


Role Description

PEP is expect any-Time Sales Assistant, you commit stimulate to a maximum of 27 hours a week.

At PEP we call ourselves Dynamos – we joke, worry about, and take control of entirety we do. We introduce crews to forge excellent answers. Being a Dynamo of PEP way you are dynamic, beneficial and depend on making our clients look and feel good.


To be a intimate person who works with another, advancing auctions, lowering stock misfortunes, directing stock, serving consumers, occupied on the till, and asserting a cheap civilization so that meet trade aims.If you meet the same requirements and are concerned in touching the PEP offspring, delight request on the JOBJACK podium that has aid accompanying PEP.

*The position demands truthfulness in dealing with cash or finance


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