Penny Ntuli is leaving a well known commercial radio for getting R2 800 a month

This is why broadcaster Penny Ntuli is leaving…

Penny Ntuli has parted ways with Gagasi FM. This after the Briefly Awards-nominated radio personality turned down the station’s offer to renew her contract after they proposed a R2.8K salary.

Famous radio personality, Penny Ntuli, announced her departure from Gagasi FM after years of working at the popular KwaZulu-Natal radio station.

According to Penny, the broadcaster offered her an amount of R2.8K a month, which is way below minimum wage, and said it wasn’t too far off from what she had been paid in the past two years.

The popular radio personality shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram page confirming the news. She said she tried her best to negotiate and help management see from her perspective, but her efforts failed.

She shared a separate post with a screenshot of her offer letter:

“I felt insulted, but I calmed down and went back to the management to ask them to review my salary. With that money, I will not be able to do anything. I asked how I would feed my family because they were all looking at me.

“I have decided to ask them not to renew my contract this year. I didn’t give up because I found something better, and I didn’t stop because I don’t love it anymore. Every person who knows me knows how much I love broadcasting and Gagasi FM.

“But it’s true. I’m not coming back this year, though I’m very grateful to Gagasi FM for the opportunity.”

Mzansi weighs in on Penny Ntuli’s situation

Netizens are stunned that Gagasi FM offered Penny such a small amount despite the work she has done.

Previously, netizens were shocked to learn that DJ Speedsta was earning R10K a month from working at Metro FM

MdladlaSiya said:

“Even the security guard at Gagasi FM gets paid more than her.”

Ur_BoY_Mystro was stunned:

“This is criminal, man.”

lindah_majola wrote:

“This is heartbreaking. I’m so sorry, Penny, but this is the worst thing they could put you through. You’ve dedicated so much of yourself to that station, and to hear that it was for nothing is shattering.”

Mvuzo_Ngqentsu was shattered:

“There’s no way, not even interns earn that money these days. A whole Penny Ntuli! Jaa no, they did her dirty.”

I_am_Bucie posted:

“That’s awful. I don’t know how much these radio personalities get paid, but R2.8K is an insult.”

Kussh_SA said:

“I kept thinking I would come across a missing zero on the number.”


Penny Ntuli buys her new house

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared online reactions to Penny Ntuli announcing the purchase of her new house.

The radio personality received congratulatory messages from her supporters and peers.

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