Monate Chicken | Cashier


Post description: Cashier

Place of work: At any of Our Monate Chicken ‘n Steak Branches (Mukula. Lufule 2 or Thohoyandou)

Main Areas of responsibilities

Demonstrate good customer service when serving customers at all times,Greet, smile and welcome customers

-Accept cash and return the correct change.

-Keep record of all the orders taken via the phone

-To ensure that you record all customers’ orders and payments are recorded at the time of the transaction, Communicate customer orders to kitchen staff.

-To make sure that all orders are prepared correctly and packaged correctly at all times before they are delivered.

-Maintain hygiene standards and ensure that your workplace is clean and neat at all times

-To conduct stock taking as assigned by your superiors

-Pay attention to detail and focus on customers

-Demonstrate self-discipline with regards to time keeping, attendance and ensure your work is completed on time.

-Demonstrate team work by consistently having a good working relationship with co-workers.

-Perform other restaurant duties as assigned (cleaning, preparing orders and assisting in the kitchen)

-Respond to guest inquiries and requests (you can also ask assistance from the Manager)

-To make sure that you manage stock and prevent loss.

-To upsell items sold in the store (boost monthly targets)

Other Requirements

Has at least 1-year experience of working as a cashier

A Diploma or Degree in Hospitality field will be an advantage

Be computer literate

Main skills required

Good communication skill

Good listening skill

Leadership skill

Report writing skill

Computer literacy skill

Management skill

Problem-solving skill


Grade 12 certificateId copy (you will be requested to bring originals during Interview)

Updated CV (include at least three valid references of previous employers!)

Other qualifications (will be an advantage)

Police clearance certificate (will be required only from shortlisted candidates)

CVs should be hand-delivered at any of the Monate Chicken”n Steak Branches

Closing Date May 2023 at 17h:00pm.

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