Hollywoodbets | Digital Marketing Strategist

Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal

Minimum Requirements:

5+ Years experience as a digital shopping tactician or mathematical shopping manager.

Strong Business information.


  • Degree in announcement, mathematical shopping, marketing, ideas or equivalent.
  • Understanding of operating system growth process and content administration systems
  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Evaluate and implement betterings on mathematical approach.
    • Research new digital finishes and shared currents.
    • Optimize SEO.
    • Create joined and cost-effective mathematical policies.
    • Drive advantage for the institution.
    • Analyse and report on digital campaigns.
    • Analyse client and consumer dossier.
    • Engage accompanying SBUs across the business and administration.
    • Map out by means of what mathematical property will be optimized for trade results.
    • Define and operation mathematical events. Read More
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation:
    • Create and implement joined and economical mathematical blueprints across all digital terraces that meet the shopping needs of killing.
    • Work with the differing digital Teams to judge current policies and implement betterings.
    • Ensure you are trained with new mathematical forms and currents and share this knowledge accompanying the more extensive shopping Team.
    • Adopt mathematical marketing best practices and plan by means of what mathematical property will be optimised to drive the best trade effects across implausible story.
    • Engage and conspire with differing Teams across deceive someone to guarantee strategies and exercise plans are joined and give results.
    • Continuously review and optimise mathematical strategies.
    • Create, accomplish and report on budgets and return on loan.
    • Hands on occurrence, and a itemized understanding of digital channels containing, but not restricted to public publishing, paid and voluntary publishing, affiliate shopping, SEO, content production and optimisation.
    • Regularly audit all digital programs, analyse traffic and conceptualise betterings.
    • Ensure the Team is preserved revised with some changes to procedures and requirements across mathematical channels.
  • Analytics & Reporting:
    • Understand key marketing acting versification, mechanization and use analytics forms to support meticulous consumer research, forecasts, competitive study, campaign results, and client flows & insights so that turn results into litigable judgments for marketing crew and killing.
    • Provide pieces of advice and found or adapt plans to help accomplishment.Weekly, weekly, periodically and annual reporting.
    • Ongoing review of dossier and results to support understandings and optimise methods and plans.
  • People:
    • Excellent communication and social abilities accompanying the talent to collaborate accompanying cross-working crews and after second parties.
    • Build unending connections accompanying a off-course variety of within and extrinsic collaborators.
    • Excellent project administration, organizational and period administration abilities.
    • Work closely accompanying different shopping and trade managers to optimise workflows, review pipeline, resolve challenges, and present answers.
    • Provide continuous preparation and advising to ensure our Teams usually acts above standard
  • Business Development:
    • Ensure a all-encompassing understanding of our clients and products and be egotistic about by means of what we write accompanying our stakeholders.
      • Increase lead era and influence regular progress by effectively point in a direction new hearings.
  • Other:
    • Other provisional burdens as may should now and then.
  • Skills:
    • Excellent composed and communication abilities.
    • High sense of blame towards work and extreme moral work standards.
    • Ability to produce higher results timeously and meet zero hours.
    • Ability to report and form appropriate recommendations.
    • Demonstrate powerful trade and fiscal intuition.
    • Ability to follow process so that guarantee excellence harvest.
    • Effectively apply socializing for professional or personal gain and doing abilities.
    • Portray powerful market knowledge abilities.
    • Ability to represent perceptive and perceptive abilities.
    • Ability to contemplate strategically.
  • Please become aware of information that endure you not be contacted inside 30 days, kindly examine your request expected unsuccessful.


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