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  1. Specialist: Project Costing
  2. Company Secretary Administrator

Specialist: Project Costing

Job Ref #: GPF-48
Industry: Professional
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: Market Related



  1. Programme and Project Management
  2. Project Costing including budget and cashflow disbursement projections
  3. Internal Technical Advisory Services
  4. Project Monitoring
  5. Due diligence
  6. Budget and Expenditure Management
  7. People Management



  • Bachelor’s / B-Tech Degree (NQF level 7) in Quantity Surveying
  • BSc Honours (NQF level 8) in Quantity Surveying will be an added advantage
  • Valid Driver’s Code B (08) License
  • Professional Registration as a Quantity Surveyor with the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP)
  • 8 years’ experience in quantity surveying within Construction and / or Engineering
  • Project Management experience


Technical Knowledge: Programme and Project Management; Understanding of the

Built Environment; Financial Bills of Quantities; Construction Sector; Property Sector; Financial Management; Risk Management×280&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&dtd=542

Skills: Quantity survey (Project Costing); Report writing; People Management; Analytical; Costing and Pricing; Communication; Report writing; People Management; Analytical; Costing and Pricing; Communication; Negotiation

Values and Attributes: Attention to detail; Team Approach; Logical; Honesty; Trust; Professional; Persuasive; Assertive; Integrity; Innovation; Teamwork; Customer Centricity; Accountability; Respect

Special Instructions to candidates

It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications and national certificates (where applicable) evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Applicants must ensure that their qualifications supporting this application must always be verifiable by the GPF during the recruitment process.×280&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&dtd=594

Applications for this position should be accompanied (attach) by:

  • a comprehensive CV detailing previous experience
  • certified (within 6 months) copies of:
  • relevant qualifications,
    • for foreign qualifications, please attach SAQA evaluation report
  • identification document,
  • driver’s licence.

Closing date: 17 May 2024Apply

Company Secretary Administrator

Job Ref #: CSAMay2024
Industry: Professional
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: Market Related



  • To play a key role in providing efficient and effective administrative support to the Board, its Sub-Committees and the GPF Executive Committee. Works closely with the Company Secretary to support coordination, facilitation and recording of activities of the Board, its Sub-Committees and the GPF Executive Committee. Assist the Company Secretary in the planning and management of the Secretariat and maintains strong relationships with various internal and external stakeholders. Liaise with the Board on administrative matters.


The incumbent is expected to deliver on the following detailed key performance areas and to support the Company Secretary to ensure a well governed, managed, credible, and sustainable organisation by:

  1. Acting as a point of contact with the Company Secretariat for Board Members, Office of the MEC and the Head of Department’s office.
  2. Ensure and track timely collation of documentation pertaining to the appointment and resignation of Board Members for Submission to the Master of the High Court.
  3. Assist the Company Secretary to properly prepare for all Board and Committee meetings. This can include meetings between the Board members and the Shareholder and/or any other external party.
  4. Assist the Company Secretary by facilitating the conclusion of key Corporate Governance documents such as Board and Sub-Committee Charters and the Shareholder’s Compact.
  5. Provide efficient Board and Sub-Committee support which includes:
    1. Assist Company Secretary in planning, arranging, and monitoring a schedule of meetings for the Board and Committees. Seeking and Monitoring Board members availability and setting up Ad-Hoc Meetings where required.
    2. Draft Board and Sub-Committee Agendas and ensure the accuracy and integrity thereof by maintaining a rolling agenda.
    3. Maintaining a reliable tracking system for substantive meeting topics and items.
    4. Manage the preparation, collation and distribution of agendas and meeting packs to the Board and its Sub-Committees.
    5. Attend all Board and its Sub-Committee meetings to ensure that meetings are conducted efficiently.
    6. Prepare Minutes of the Board sub-Committees for review by the Company Secretary.
    7. Populate Matters Arising Action List from the Minutes for Board Sub-Committee Meetings and follow up on Action Items.
    8. Complete Resolutions Registers of Board Sub-Committees and track implementation of resolutions.
    9. Draft Board Sub-Committees Chairpersons’ Reports for tabling to the Board for input by the Company Secretary.
    10. Keep a record of declarations made at Board and its Sub-Committee Meetings and record board member’s attendance in an Attendance Register.
    11. Prepare extracts of resolutions and minutes of all Board and Committee Meetings upon request.
    12. Assist the collection, review and quality assurance of all documentation and materials sent from GPF Management to the Board and its Sub-Committees.
    13. Maintain accurate documentation of corporate governance activities and processes, including updating and maintaining the Corporate Governance Folder on SharePoint.
    14. Manage and monitor the use of Board Management Software i.e., BoardPAC across GPF, including relationship management with the software supplier, providing support to software users, and identifying training needs.
    15. Uploading of all meeting documentation onto BoardPAC for Board and Sub-Committee Meetings.
    16. Arrange Induction Workshops for New Board Members and prepare Induction Files.
    17. Arrange training files for Board Members and record their participation and engagement.
    18. Develop and maintain strong relationships with the Chairperson and Board Members.
    19. Handle confidential and sensitive matters in a discrete manner and keep all information effectively secured on BoardPAC.
    20. Develop and maintain an electronic filing system of all Board and Sub-Committee documents which includes correspondence, memorandums, reports, confidential board reports and any other relevant/pertinent records in a manner that allows for easy and accurate filling, storage, archiving and retrieval by GPF Executives and staff members.
    21. Prepare accurate Board Remuneration Invoices for Board Members which includes all meetings attended monthly.
    22. Manage Board Member expense claims.
    23. Collate and submit documentation requested by the Auditor General, internal auditors, and Provincial Treasury for governance audits.
    24. Draft memorandums on behalf of the Company Secretary in motivation for Board Training, membership fees, insurance claims etc.
    25. Ad-Hoc Assignments from the Board Chairperson, Board Members and Company Secretary.
  6. Providing efficient Executive Committee support which includes:
    1. Providing and co-ordinating the provision of secretarial services for Executive Committee.
    2. Planning, arranging, and monitoring a schedule of meetings for the Executive Committee.
    3. Draft Executive Committee Agendas and Ensure the accuracy and integrity thereof by maintaining a rolling agenda.
    4. Maintaining a reliable tracking system for substantive meeting topics and items.
    5. Attending all Executive Committee meetings to take accurate and comprehensive minutes of the HRSEC and FIC Preparation Meetings, within a reasonable time following each meeting, for review by the Company Secretary.
    6. Populate Action List for Matters Arising from Board Committee Preparation Meetings.
    7. Complete Resolutions Register of the Executive Committee.
    8. Participate and contribute to business unit meetings in the Company Secretariat and Office of the CEO Units.



  • A minimum 3-year degree (e.g., B. Com, BA Law, B Proc, B Admin /diploma in relevant field (with courses in company law and corporate governance)
  • Ideally: CIS Qualification or Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance will be advantageous.
  •  A minimum of 5 years’ experience within a Company Secretarial environment.
  • Experience of Board level interaction.
  • Experience gained and exposure to Company Secretarial work.
  • Experience in minutes taking essential.
  • A good understanding of Company Law, the Trust Property Control Act and the PFMA
  • A good understanding of statutory requirements pertaining to Board resolutions, Minutes and Notices of meetings would be advantageous.
  • An excellent command of English, both written and verbal is required.


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