Office Function

Day to epoch admin function at arm

Stationery and minimarket authorizing, issue & stock communicable

Follow up and resolve order and transmittal questions

HR Function

  • Maintaining commission leave designer (and leave form file)Easy Roster period conquering
  • Easy Roster Administration and combination of all areas opportunities
  • Check Earnings Analysis for payroll propriety.
  • Maintaining an correct ordering order, guaranteeing all Personnel records are working, containing private dossier, tax news, attendance records, and additional benefit news.
  • Maintain HR accompanying agreement,
  • Provide facts all along verifying, and
  • Collate transfer mishap reports COID sites and comply forms.
  • Keep track of changes in worker rank.
  • This contains agent transfers, conduct and benefit changes, address changes, license or certifications and reason for end.
  • Compliance accompanying WCA necessities wrt:
  • Completion of forms and compliance
  • Company newsgathering necessities
  • Follow-up on progress of claims networked (COID)
  • Compliance accompanying NBCRFI necessities wrt:
  • Submit leave forms and a leave given for illness to NBCRFI
  • Administration of Leave/Sick leave and Wellness Fund.
  • Check the VIP observe opportunities on a newspaper action to guarantee accuracy, and place the periods in a apparent extent for the Operational stick to check and confirm.
  • Check the Earnings Analysis on a weekly footing to check the propriety thereof before the representatives command a price of (Check Unpaid Absences, Overtime and deductions) Read More

Fleet Management

Maintain correct records for all bicycles accompanying salutation to:AccidentsDistribution and listening of Fuel CardsDriver’s license recordsMaintenance records of bicyclesE-tagsEnsure all records are ordered in a acceptable and well-behaved wayLiaison accompanying Transport providers accompanying salutation to all leased cabsEnsuring all cars licenses be honest to date.

Creditors Function

  • Ensuring veracity of invoices and deliveries
  • Capturing of all invoices on SAP
  • Liaison accompanying Head Office accompanying deference to fees of creditors

General Function

Maintaining an productive and up-to date ordering scheme for hr, fleet and reports

Admin accompanying Ad-hoc requests. Any additional function that concede possibility be requested of you now and then that can not be inside your purview of work.

Health and Safety

Participate in the design/ happening/ review/ exercise and listening of the administrative security plans each period.

Participate in security forums formed by party e.g. security convergences and security talks

Report all security occurrence to the appropriate society

Discuss all security occurrence

Follow-up on some ventures appointed through security conference/chamber/representative/administration

Attend security instruction and tonic programmes

Comply with security procedures and processes at business Distribute security news as and when necessary

Wear guarding attire continually


  • Minimum Qualifications and Experience
  • Matric
  • Minimum 2 years experience in Office Administration
  • Computer proficiency such as MS commission, opportunity administration order, SAP or connected
  • Knowledge, abilities and attributes
  • G4S Policies and Procedures
  • General presidency
  • Human Resources Communication
  • Computer Literacy
  • Time Management
  • Accuracy and consideration to detail
  • Deliver excellent department dealing with customers wisdom, consideration to detail and secrecy
  • Supporting and Working accompanying Others
  • Acting Professionally
  • Work under time pressure
  • Meeting limits


Closing Date: 14 May 2023 

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