20 Best SETA Accredited Learnership Training Providers 2023 in South Africa

20 Best SETA Accredited Learnership Training Providers 2023 in South Africa

Are you looking for SETA Accredited learnership providers for 2023 in South Africa? In 2023, South Africa offers a range of approved SETA programs. These are tailored for various education levels, including Matric, Grade 11, and Grade 12. Accreditation ensures quality education, and some programs even provide a stipend Read More

Covering fields like business, IT, and personal development, these initiatives are designed for skill-building and career growth. Whether you’ve finished Matric or you’re in Grade 11 or 12, these SETA opportunities are your gateway to practical skills and a promising career.

 Don’t miss out on this chance to shape a brighter 2023. Apply now and step into a future full of potential. Here are the 20 best SETA Acreddited learnership providers in SA.

SETA Accredited Learnership Providers in 2023

1. Business School E-learning Learnership (SMART LMS)

Business School is a certified training provider with a variety of learnerships and online courses. Since you’re looking for elearning learnerships, there’s a good chance these are held online. The school caters to different industries, especially those in business. To apply, training@bschool.edu.za or use link below.

Apply: Business School Elearning Learnership Application  

2. Tusanang Group E-learning Learnership 2023

Tusanang Group is a program that helps young people develop skills. They’re accredited by different bodies like W&R SETA, Service SETA, Foodbev SETA, and Agri SETA.

Apply: Tusanang Group Elearning Learnership Application  

3. CYWGJ E-learning Learnerships 2023

CYWGJ, or “Connecting Youth With Good Jobs,” focuses on teaching useful skills. They offer accredited qualifications through learnerships. You can apply from anywhere in South Africa, and you may get R400 monthly for completing assignments.

APPLY: CYWGJ ELearning Learnership Application  

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4. ILearn Learnerships for Grade 11 in 2023

ILearn offers different kinds of learning, both online and in-person. They have programs for people with grades 10-12. They cover areas like Business, Retail and Wholesale, IT (Tech), and Manufacturing. Visit www.ilearn.co.zato apply

5. SDP Online Learnership 2023 (Skills Development Professionals)

The Skills Development Professionals (SDP) Learnership for 2023 helps you learn in a practical way. They offer accredited courses and give you R400 each month. It’s a great option for learning and getting some financial support. Start by heading to SDP’s application page

06. U-Belong Learnerships for Grade 11 in 2023

U-Belong is all about helping young people get into business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in grade 10, 11, 12, or even beyond that. In this program, you’ll be learning how to sell things like Simcards, Vouchers, and Airtime. And the good news is, you’ll also get paid a bit each month to start your journey into business. Or send your CV to work@u-belong.co.za

Apply: U Belong Learnership 2023 Application  

07. Umuzi IT Learnerships 2023

Umuzi is a special place that connects young folks with future employers. Once you finish their program, big companies are interested in hiring you. This is a big help in reducing the number of young people without jobs in South Africa.

Apply: Umuzi IT Learnership Application  

08. Skills Junction E-learning Learnership 2023

Skills Junction is a friendly place for everyone, whether you have a job or not, and regardless of any disabilities you might have. They offer a bunch of ways to learn, from taking classes online to gaining new skills and more.

Apply: Skills Juntion Elearning Learnership Application  

0.9 SkillUp Training Online Learnership 2023

SkillUp does things a bit differently. They offer online learning for young people who don’t have jobs in South Africa. Instead of paying you directly, a company might support you by covering your expenses while you learn.

Apply: Skill Up Learnership

10. Masoom Medical Sales Representative Learnership 2023

Masoom has a special program for young people who finished school with good grades. Even if you only have your Matric, you can join. In this program, you’ll be learning how to sell medical things like medicines and health products to doctors.

Apply: Masoom Sales Represantative Learnership Application  

11. Robotronics IT Learnerships 2023

Robotronics has different programs, like teaching you how to fix cell phones. They also teach about electronics. This is great if you’re curious about how gadgets work.

Apply: Robotronics IT Learnership Application  

12. Quest College E-learning Learnership 2023

Quest College is an online school where you can take courses, learn new skills, and even earn a little money. They’re accredited and offer a bunch of different courses you can take online. If you live in Mpumalanga, there’s a special program available just for you, thanks to KIJIMA Construction.

Apply: Quest Colloge Elearning Learnership Application  

13. CSG Learnerships for Grade 11 in 2023

CSG is a company that helps people learn new things online. They have short classes, longer programs, and many other types of learning opportunities. They’re certified to make sure what they teach is good.

14. Red and Yellow Marketing Learnerships 2023

Red and Yellow is known for online classes. But now, they’re also offering special programs where you can learn about digital marketing, creating online content, and writing. If you’re interested, you can apply and try your best.

Apply: Red and Yellow Learnership Application  

15. WeThinkCode IT Learnerships 2023

WeThinkCode is like Umuzi, offering chances to learn about coding. They have programs in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other big cities. It’s good to know a bit about coding before you apply, as the assessments might be a bit tricky if you’re brand new to it.

Apply: WETHINKCODE IT Learnership Application  

16. Skills Junction E-learning Learnership 2023

Skills Junction is a place where everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you have a job or not, or if you have any disabilities. They offer all sorts of ways to learn, like online classes and skill-building. They’re based in Johannesburg, but you can apply from anywhere.

Apply: Skills Juntion Elearning Learnership Application

17. TLO (The Learning Organization) Learnerships for Grade 11 in 2023

The Learning Organization is a company dedicated to offering various learning programs. These programs cover areas like business, IT, computer skills, and personal development. They’re accredited by eight different SETAs within the industry, ensuring the quality of education.

Apply: The Learning Organization Learnership Application  

18. Girl Code IT Learnerships 2023

Girl Code is on a mission to empower girls in the world of coding and IT. Their goal is to have a significant impact by 2030. They provide specialized programs like Systems Development Learnership, Python Development, Python for Data Analysis, and Web Development. Additionally, they host various events aimed at empowering women in the coding field. visit www.girlcode.co.zato apply

19. GPR Training E-learning Learnership

GPR Training might not be a household name, but it holds great potential. This accredited training provider offers a range of learnerships and an e-learning platform for skills development. If you’re eager to start, it’s a good idea to begin your application process today.

Apply: GPR Elearning Learnership Application

20. Elearning Lms Online Learnership 2023 | By Speccon

In summary, 2023 brings plenty of chances to learn and grow with approved SETA learnerships in South Africa. Whether you finished Matric or you’re in Grade 11 or 12, these programs offer practical skills. They’re good quality, and some even pay you. You can pick from areas like business, IT, and personal development. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a better future. Apply now and get started! [\read]

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